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PLEASE NOTE: This search will be most reliable if used for dates after February 2004. Prior to that not all records had a date of entry or a date of modification

IK records had their date of entry recorded since 1984 and the date of modification recorded since 1993. Gray Card Records had a date of entry or modification recorded since February 2004, after which all new records entered into IPNI had modification and entry dates and times recorded. APNI records do not currently have a record of date of entry or modification.

Enter dates in the form 'yyyy-mm-dd' - for example, to find all Orchids entered since August 2005, enter '2005-08-01' in the 'Added since' box and 'Orchidaceae' in the Family box.

NB: to limit load on the server, you must add at least one term to the main search terms (such as family) as well as the entry date.

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